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With globalization economic development provides an unprecedented opportunity for Latin investors, entrepreneurs, companies and communities, We at SAJONA are positioned to contribute to the development of opportunities for the integration of the Latin business community in the world.

Cities across the world, with clearly defined vocations, competitive platforms and an understanding of global trade demand diversity of businesses, entrepreneurs and investors that want to capitalize on the opportunities that globalization provides.

At the same time, entrepreneurs are seeking new destinations for companies or their own to expand, create partnerships and or acquire new companies. Sustainable Economic Development is important to today’s entrepreneur and SAJONA is an Economic Development Agency that is passionate about sustainable, profitable economic integration.



We are an economic development agency that contributes to the development of the competitive platforms of a city or region articulating the business model.



This initiative was born out of the momentums that were generated in the last two years from our trade missions who were created, organized and executed by our leader Olga Ramos Sajona, which various entrepreneurs from the countries of Brazil,Mexico, Chile,Venezuela, Panama and Colombia have been able to benefit profitably from the missions. The US market continues to be number one , also has the largest most diverse Latin community in the world and this represents a potential for a tremendous consumer consumption for all our countries. We have been implementing this task successfully and we believe that the integration with this economy represents a platform for great ideals to continue expanding through the globe.



The MultiLatin economic development. As an economic development agency, we seek the potentials to boost the business growth and strengthening and to create a fabric of productive social economy in each one of the Communities that we are assign to take care of in the countries we currently have development coverage.
We Foster competitiveness, innovation and internationalization of both the productive sector and the governmental sector, with the purpose of achieving the greatest potential for creating employment opportunities.We want to encourage all initiatives for entrepreneurship and commercial trade.


For Government Entities

  • Advisement and guidance on how to attract direct foreign investment.
  • Organization and allocation for trade missions to the cities.
  • Organization of events with investors and entrepreneurs searching for expansion.
  • Marketing – City Brand building and designing.
  • Community Elaboration of programs for business retention and expansion.
  • Public Relations Management.
  • Strategic crisis management and social responsibility.
  • Arrangement for business gatherings between a government entity and entrepreneurs.

For Investors

  • Elaboration of Due Diligence for the company or the object of investment.
  • Custom and personalize missions to explore business opportunities.
  • Advice on investment opportunities in the countries in which we currently cover.
  • Support and advice throughout the entire investment process.
  • Governmental Relations.

For the business entrepreneurs

  • Portfolio with opportunities for business development and for national and international strategic expansion.
  • missions of exploration for opportunities.
  • Analysis of communities : workforce, Dofa matrix.
  • Marketing – Creating a corporate branding .
  • Public relations management.
  • Strategic Crisis management and Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)
  • Memberships of bid search in the current countries we cover and also according to your type of business.
  • Organization for the launching of new products.


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